I am creating a course just for YOU!
I'd like to design your experience, so that you can apply what you learn as you're learning it (who wants another wasted course that's never used???) 
Date: Today!
Address: In front of your internet device with Gandalf and me, Mindy Neal (Goddess and creative genius). 
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My name is Mindy - Now it's your turn :)
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Happy birthday on {{answer_35382459}}, {{answer_35382457}}!! What's your age? *

Please be honest, {{answer_35382457}}- It's for demographic and music and humor reasons. I've been 29 at least 15 years.
OMG - You look fantastic, {{answer_35382457}}!! I wouldn't have guessed you to be {{answer_35382461}} :) Now for the really FUN questions: Tell me about your business as it looks now.

What do you sell? Who is your audience? Who is your ideal customer?
Your business sounds amazing {{answer_35382457}}!! What tools do you utilize in your business? *

...and I understand there may be a tool that is set up and not used, {{answer_35382457}} - that's one of the reasons I'm here :)

Which of these {{answer_35382462}} do you find most troublesome for you? *

What does a typical day look like for you when you use {{answer_35382462}}? *

If you selected more than 1 tool, that's ok. I'm here to help with each or the one you need the most help with, {{answer_35382457}}
What are your biggest frustrations with {{answer_35382462}}? *

Why do you think this has been a struggle for you, {{answer_35382457}}? *

Before you actively seek out a solution to your biggest frustrations with {{answer_35386542}}, what needs to happen first? *

If I could wave a magic wand and get you the results you are after with {{answer_35386542}}, {{answer_35382457}}, what would those results look like? *

What have you already tried that has not worked? *

What has stopped you from taking action to eliminate your frustration with {{answer_35386542}}? *

i.e. money, lack of resources, lack of understanding...
How would you feel if your challenge with {{answer_35386542}} was figured out for you, {{answer_35382457}}? *

Have you ever purchased a course related to {{answer_35386542}} and your frustration with it? *

What’s stopped you from investing in this further, {{answer_35382457}}? *

If you were to join a course that promised you results with {{answer_35386542}}, how would you like to be taught? *

Were you able to complete the course? *

What do you think stopped you from completing the course or getting results? *

Did you get the results you were hoping to see? *

What did you pay for the course? *

What did you find valuable about the course? *

What did not work for you about the course? *

Think about how you’ve learned best in the past. What are some of the common elements that have really made a difference for you? *

If I could wave a magic wand and create a product that was perfect for you, what would that look like? *

When I wave my magic wand, would you like to be notified? *

Of course, because you helped in the creation of this magic, {{answer_35382457}}, you'll receive something special!
Great! That makes me soooo happy, {{answer_35382457}}! How would you like to be informed? *

Fantastic - I will not abuse the priviledge, {{answer_35382457}}! Just to verify - your phone number is {{answer_35388968}} *

...if there is no phone number above, then you skipped that question, {{answer_35382457}}. Don't worry, you can enter it here :)
Thank you so much for helping to build a course experience that is just for YOU, {{answer_35382457}}!

I would love it very much if you shared this conversation with a friend or colleague who would would also benefit from a course like we've "talked" about today.

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