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Most of my work day is devoted to activities that propel me forward. *

I make productive use of time spent "waiting." *

I keep good records as to where my time goes. *

I rarely do busy clerical work. *

I have weekly/monthly/yearly goals. *

I carry out a daily and weekly plan. *

Top priorities are always completed daily. *

I handle fatigue and anxiety well. *

I plan my time realistically. *

I control the phone, and it doesn’t control me. *

I control interruptions. *

I regularly book off time, so that I’m unavailable. *

I say “no” to friends and clients when appropriate. *

I’m organized and can find things easily. *

I keep phone time down to a minimum. *

I never procrastinate. *

My desk area is well organized. *

I handle each piece of paper only once. *

I make sure meetings are productive. *

I allow time to reflect and to be creative. *

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